Wedding Albums

Fine Art Wedding Albums

We think wedding albums are really important, and we love the albums we provide. They are a UK brand that breathes quality & looks out for the environment! They are printed in HD on archival quality paper, so they look stunning and will last for generations. You can choose between sumptuous leather, fine linen or a beautiful full colour picture cover. Each album has your names and date embossed on the front and comes delivered in a protective sleeve and presentation box.

We personally feel that the album is really important. While a DVD of images is great, digital media changes at a very fast pace. If your parents had done the same with their wedding photos it would be like trying to find an 8 track machine to view them on. Once you’ve chosen the type of album you would like, we then work together to choose the way it is designed and what photographs are included, in order to make the album as personalised as possible. 

fine art wedding album

Designing an album can be a lot harder than you think but don’t worry about that, we will put the whole thing together for you and then email you over a PDF of the finished layout. Most people swap one or two images but even if you want more control you can send it back with any changes three times free of charge. They are built to last a life-time so we want you to be absolutely happy with every aspect before it goes to print.

We offer our albums in 6×6 8×8 10×10 and 12×12 with three cover options; leather, cotton or a full colour photo cover…this option is just stunning and our favourite. You can order duplicate 6×6 parent albums as well which are perfect for relatives or friends who couldn’t make the day as well as parents obviously.

Below you can have a closer look at all the options by clicking on any of the images below!