Orchardleigh House

Country House Wedding Venues

We have shot numerous weddings at Orchardleigh House so far this year, and as a Somerset wedding photographer we think it’s one of the best wedding venues in Somerset, as there are so many things we like about it.

Any wedding photographer would be happy turning up here, even if the weather wasn’t on top form, because there are so many beautiful areas surrounding the house, and within as well. For a country house wedding venue, Orchardleigh House really ticks all the boxes!

Orchardleigh House Wedding Photography

For a wedding photographer, one of the most striking places for wedding photography is in the field below the gardens in the long grass. Earlier this year we took Katharine and Rob out as the sun was setting for literally 5 minutes, and managed to capture some awesome images. When booking country house wedding venues, barn weddings or any particular type of wedding venue, you want to make sure the area surrounding the wedding venue has places like this in order to grab that perfect, romantic shot.

The walk down to the field is gorgeous too – we have been able to get some awesome shots as our couples make their way towards the long grass :)

… Come to mention it, the walk back is lovely too!

There is a beautiful view from the gardens as well – the view is stunning! However, for an even more interesting view, why not use Orchardleigh House’s helicopter! I had the privilege to go up with Katharine and Rob as they sailed through the skies from the church to Orchardleigh House, and the view from above was fantastic… and a great way to make an entrance on your wedding day!

Many of our couples have had their wedding ceremony at All Saints Church in Lullington, which is a very beautiful church, inside and out, and any wedding photographer would be happy shooting here.

There are also some gorgeous fields at the back where you can capture some awesome images!

Of course you can get married inside Orchardleigh House, like one of our couple’s Laura & Paul, and the stairway down into the ceremony room makes a very grand and elegant entrance.

Inside Orchardleigh House there are rooms for everything! The room for bridal prep is perfect for a wedding photographer, as the large windows make the light absolutely amazing to shoot in, and if you are like me and have quite a few bridesmaids (OK, I went a little overboard and had 8!) there is also plenty of space for everyone to get ready in, which, by the way guys, is VERY important :)

The wedding breakfast has windows looking out onto the wonderful view, and looks beautiful once all the table decorations are finished. They even have a very cool snooker room!

The food is also delicious and amazingly well presented. At Nick and Kath’s wedding they had selected guests serve the huge cuts of beef to other guests on their table – for a wedding photographer it was a great chance to get some fantastic shots of the food, and everyone getting stuck in with the carving!

Once the sun sets and the lights go on, the feeling of Orchardleigh totally changes from  ‘Great Gatsby’ sophistication to, well… ‘Great Gatsby’ hedonism! :)

With so many nooks and crannies, we love shooting at Orchardleigh House, so if you’re looking for a country house wedding venue, we’d definitely recommend it.