New Zealand Wedding Photographer

Destination Wedding Photographer seeks Kiwis in love and getting married next summer :)

Almost as much as Soph and I like to take photographs, eat cheese and watching The Wire… we love to travel.  From the end of December 2014 until February 2015 we will be in New Zealand and would love to shoot a lovely couple (or maybe even two!) while we are out there. So if you are getting married anywhere in New Zealand and are looking for a wedding photographer or know someone who is getting married, get in contact.

John Barwood Photography Pool

I am a destination wedding photographer travelling across Europe and to the United States to shoot couples, but would absolutely love the chance to photograph a wedding in New Zealand. I (John) have travelled to New Zealand before and just fell in love with the country. I have been dying to take Soph to see the amazing landscape that New Zealand has and as a bonus we now have family over there.

John Barwood Photography gate

I am positive that photographing a wedding in New Zealand anywhere would be utterly amazing, but some places that we know we will be spending some time in, and look absolutely amazing to shoot a wedding at, are:

Queenstown Wedding Photographer

I fell head over heels in love with Queenstown and am hoping Soph will let us move out here once she has seen it.

Marlborough Sounds Wedding Photographer

For a bride & groom on their wedding day Marlborough Sounds must be one of the most romantic backdrops imaginable. Not to mention a dream for a destination wedding photographer!

Lake Tekapo Wedding Photographer

I have seen some of the most stunning weddings with Lake Tekapo as the background and the Church of the Good Shepherd looks like the cutest church we have ever seen.

new zealand wedding photographer_0213

Hawke’s Bay wedding Photographer

We both love wine! Not that we ever drink while we are working but we would love to photograph a wedding at Hawke’s Bay in amongst the vines.

Waiheke Island Wedding Photographer

If I was a New Zealand wedding photographer, one for my photography bucket list would be to shoot on an island and Waiheke is a particularly beautiful island so we would love to shoot a wedding there :)

queenstown wedding photographer_0214

Wellington Wedding Photographer

I really loved Wellington, it is such a vibrant cultural city with some amazing architecture that I would love to incorporate into the story of the day.

Christchurch Wedding Photographer

Christchurch was my favourite city in New Zealand. I remember the beautiful botanical gardens and lush verdant avenues all of which would be an ideal backdrop for wedding photography.

Auckland Wedding Photographer

And of course, if you are getting married in New Zealand’s capital we would love to hear from you as we love city weddings.

New Zealand Wedding

So if you are getting married at any of these New Zealand Wedding Venues or anywhere else in New Zealand for that matter, check out our work. If you like what you see get in contact!