Kew Royal Botanical Gardens Photography

I (John) was very honoured to be asked to shoot some official photographs for Kew Gardens. The most amazing thing being that I was allowed into Kew gardens early in the morning before anybody else and most importantly before the sun started to rise.

Landscape photography is very different to wedding photography, firstly having to get up at 3am to be there ready for the sun. Secondly is the shooting pace, wedding photography can be very exciting but hectic, as you are looking into a chaotic situation with many different stories happening at the same time, with the goal being to distal it all down to a singular moment within it. However, with landscapes, you spend a long time looking for the shot and when you are happy you set up and wait…and wait for the image to present itself. Shooting digital it is perhaps easier than the film my dad taught me to shoot on as you can take many more photographs, but I never fail to be amazed at how quickly a scene can change and shooting 20 second exposures, its still possible to miss the moment.


palm house at kew gardenssunrise over the pagoda at kew gardenking William temple at kew gardens

Wedding photography at Kew Royal Botanical Gardens.

You can get married at Kew Gardens  and every corner I turned I kept thinking how easy beautiful wedding photography would be at Kew gardens. The blend of strong architectural elements, towering tree and lush foliage (In the summer months the accents of colour from the amazing flora would be incredible!) suits my style of wedding photography to a T.