Hamish & Tor

reportage wedding photographer_0845

I love scouting for locations on the day, I do this before the wedding and then again after I have captured the wedding details, whilst Soph is covering the guests during the cocktail hour. This is one of the many advantages to having two wedding photographers that work together every week.

The reason I do a second scout and also why I don’t do one before the actual wedding day is because it is all about good light. Good light changes wildly from day to day and can change hour to hour or sometimes minute to minute. However, in the morning I have a good idea of the day ahead. I make a Plan A, using The Photographers Ephemeris which is an indispensable app for photographers. Using the app I can know where the sun will be throughout the day and can find a spot with the best light for some fine art wedding portraits, a second location which is good for a more editorial / lifestyle look, and I always try to find some kind of big vista if possible, to get at least one epic wedding portrait.

Along the way I will find a few backup spots incase the weather changes, so when we have time to shoot some portraits I know exactly where is best to go.

Hamish & Tor’s wedding just happened to be a dream for locations. The day was held at the family home, with a marquee in the garden. There was a path through a beautiful english wood and a wild garden with perfect golden grass at just the right length. I thought I was set but decided to explore a little further, I went through just one gate and found myself  at the foot of a large hill. I checked The Photographers Ephemeris and the sun was setting behind the hill… perfect.

creative wedding photographer_0852

When it came to portraits the 30 minutes I had in the timeline just before speeches had shrunk to 4 minutes, not what I planned. However with an awesome couple and a lot of running on my part we still managed to make some beautiful wedding photos.

At the end of the day this is what my lower half looked like.

creative wedding photographer_0851