Winter Sunset Engagement Session

Great session with a super lovely, super cool couple. Jonathan & Vctoria are getting married at Maunsel House in Somerset which a very cool venue for many reasons but mostly Maunsel House’s infamous owner Sir Benjamin Slade Bt. & its huge collection of decommissioned firearms that you can just grab of the wall.

It didn’t take long for Jonathan to ask if we could use the Uzi and recreate an action movie shot of him jumping through the air with guns, I quickly agreed to bring all my lights that I use for my commercial work to make a really amazing shot, I will share it here when it’s done.

Maunsel House_0009Maunsel House_0010Maunsel House_0011Maunsel House_0012Maunsel House_0013Maunsel House_0014Maunsel House_0015Maunsel House_0016