Choosing your best wedding photographer

Wedding Photography – Details

John & I got married a few years ago and I still remember every wedding detail that went into creating our perfect wedding day. As wedding photographers, we love to see our couples create their unique wedding day through the gorgeous little details they have found, sometimes on etsy (I absolutely LOVE this website!), or if they are going all the way and having a very DIY wedding, spending so much time making the most beautiful wedding decorations.

When it comes to choosing your best wedding photographer, you want to make sure they are going to capture exactly what is important to you in their style, so if details are important to you make sure you tell them this and look at how they capture their wedding detail shots, it’s great for inspiration too! Blogs are a great way to find inspiration as well – I was always on Pintrest when we were getting married :)

As wedding photographers, we love shooting details – and there have been some awesome and beautiful wedding details that we have seen.

Dave & Vic’s wedding in 2014 was full of beautiful, bright colours, a total reflection of their bubbly personalities.

best wedding photographer_0223best wedding photographer_0224

Ben & Hannah’s wedding in August was a gorgeous garden party wedding, with a real rustic feel. I love sunflowers (it’s what John and I had at our wedding), so you can imagine I was very excited to see so many of them used, and I loved how they used dried flower petals as their confetti.

south west wedding photographer_0225south west wedding photographer_0226south west wedding photographer_0227