Buenos Aires

I got to spend most of April traveling around Argentina with my brand new wife Sophie. We landed in Buenos Aries with a ticket home in three weeks, a couple of thousands pesos and only one night booked into a hotel, with still over 7,300 kilometres to travel before we got to board the plane that would take us home.

We saw so many beautiful things, that I am going make a separate post for each place. We could not find a lot of up to date information before we went about many of the places we visited so I would encourage anyone who is traveling to any of the areas we visited to get in touch.

Floralis Genérica is a sculpture located in Plaza de las Naciones Unidas near downtown BA created by Eduardo Catalano. Sadly its broken but it did open and close during the day and even track the sun like a real flower. I couldn’t see any way to capture it other than the way the amazing photographer Trey Ratcliff did. I walked around it three times but couldn’t shake his version from my mind so it seemed the most honest way to shoot it.

Floralis Genérica in Buenos Aires

We landed (unintentionally) on the 30th anniversary of the Falkands war. While everyone we meet seemed more concerned with my lack of interest in football than the conflict itself  the topic of the Malvinas was bubbling away visibly and more than once we found ourselves amongst a rally or protest against the British Rule of the islands.

Bridge Malvinas Graffiti

We walked all the way down to La Boca which is, like in most cities, the more dangerous but more interesting area of BA. It is the barrio that has built up around the ship yard, which has given it its most vibrant feature. When a ship was finished the residents would take the left over paint and splatter it over the local houses.

La Boca Buenos Aires - Colourful houses

La Boca Buenos Aires - Colourful Houses

La Boca Buenos Aires - Colourful Houses

Bus stations are always replete with bleak scenes, and main station in BA with its 75 stations is like purgatory and this poor fellow summed it up perfectly.

Buenos Aires bus station

The main artery leading to Downtown BA and you can just see the Floralis Genérica to the right which I was hoping to see illuminated as I hadn’t realised it was being left to rust yet.

Traffic in downtown Buenos Aries - Long Exposure

We flew out form the small domestic airport to El Calafate down in Patagonia. Crossing from the upper east coast to the Andes in the lower west we got to see the land beneath us change from verdant grasslands through barren dessert to snow capped mountain ranges .

Plane Buenos Aires



One of those pictures that doesn’t look real but is straight out of the camera.

above the clouds

My wife is incredibly good at falling asleep while traveling, and skill that fills me with jealousy and rage every time we are on a plane and I am so tired but unable to sleep that I could kick a kitten through a turbine engine.

sleeping on a plane