We shot out to the Gower in Wales last weekend, we spent less than 24 hours there but we walked until it was dark and were up and walking again before it was light. You get to see so much in these hours as the light is constantly changing.

I spotted this on the way out, we tired to find it that night but couldn’t and I am glad we didn’t as we did find it the next day on the way back, and as you can see from the shot below its not the kind of place you want to get stuck in the pitch black.

Just sitting on the dunes in the morning with Soph, watching the light continually paint different scenes with nobody else around was beautiful.

As we walked down the beach that morning, right at the moment we reached this large hunk of drift wood the sun seemed to burn its way through the thicker gray clouds.

We decided to hike up the the north point of the Gower beach to watch the sunset. However the eons of rock strata that are pushed up over millions of years were perfectly lit by the sun so I decided to shoot this instead.